Social Media Strategy

Creating and executing a social media plan take a good amount of time and talent, and money if you are going to outsource this work to a vendor. These three resources are scarce in today’s business climate. However, you may be able to work around this hurdle if you follow some simple steps that will allow you to at the very least keep up with your competition.

Step 1. Use your current resources. Use your support and/or customer service teams that already know your service/product and have been trained on customer service. Once you communicate your social media strategy to your team (don’t forget to communicate your social media strategy), than you can unleash the power of your people to effectively communicate your business while engaging your potential clients online.

Step 2. Simple strategies. Don’t overwhelm yourself and the process of implementing your social media strategy. Your strategy should make communication easier, not more difficult. Don’t spend too much time creating elaborate processes for every minuet decision. In the world of social media, you must move fast or the opportunity to touch your client will be lost. Identify up front a process of how and when to respond and follow that model in all cases in order to eliminate the time it takes to develop a new strategy for communication on a case by case basis.

Step 3. Find the right tools. There are a number of tools that you can utilize to make your social media strategy a little less time consuming. Literally every day there is another resource that becomes available that will allow you to streamline your process and create a easy flow system that can be managed more effectively. For example, allows people who use twitter to quickly and easily manage their contacts and grow their follows. On the other hand, is an excellent tool to create and manage your posts on both Facebook and Twitter. Search the web often for new and different tools to make your social media life more fun and laid back.

Step 4. Hire good talent. There are a lot of people, firms, and college grads out there who claim to be “social media experts.” And they very well may be; but in order to find out, you should interview them, ask for specific examples of work, and references, to ensure that you have found someone who has the talent and experience necessary to provide a top notch social media strategy that will help your business grow. Look for someone who can show you specific examples of programs that they have implemented and grown to provide their clients another stream of customers that they otherwise would not have without a solid social media strategy.

Step 5. Learn from others. Ever hear of LinkedIn? It’s a social media site that connects business professionals and is an excellent way for business owners to connect with others in their industry. Use this to your advantage and ask the right questions of your new “friends” to identify their learning experiences. A lot can be learned from talking with someone who has already made the mistakes, made the corrections, and are on the path to social media success. Subscribe to social media forums, read blogs, and stay on top of new information. And remember, social media is social; it’s suppose to be fun, so don’t let it be a drag – Take your time and don’t over think it.

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